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Research Centres - Arnone - Bellavite Pellegrini Foundation
Research Centres - Arnone - Bellavite Pellegrini Foundation

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CeSPhiLaR - Centre for Science, Philosophy and Language Research.

27 July 2005

CeSPhiLaR - Centre for Science, Philosophy and Language Research.

Director: Marco Arnone

Co-director: Giuseppe Girgenti


La Fondazione Arnone – Bellavite Pellegrini ha finalità sociali, culturali e culturali; nell’ambito di queste, per mezzo del proprio Centre for Science, Philosophy and Language Research (CeSPhiLaR) promuove e sostiene la pubblicazione di testi che fanno parte del patrimonio culturale dell’umanità che hanno dato e continuano a dare un contributo vitale alla riflessione sull’uomo, la società e il mondo.


Selected research areas.

  • Research on hepato-pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma.
  • Humanistic and Renaissance Philosophy.
  • Ancient Founding Text of Several Civilizations.



  • Francesco Paolo Raimondi, historian of philosophy, for 30 years he has devoted himself to research on G. C. Vanini. In this context,  he edited the Italian translation of the Amphitheatrum (Galatina 1981) and of the De admirandis (Galatina 1990) and the critical text of the Latin works with Giovanni Papuli (Galatina 1990). He has also edited the proceedings of the second (Giulio Cesare Vanini dal tardo Rinascimento al Libertinism érudit, Galatina 2003) and of the thirth (Giulio Cesare Vanini e il libertinismo, Galatina 2000) International Conference on Vaninian studies. His most important contributions on Vanini are the biographical volume Giulio Cesare Vanini nell’Europa del Seicento (Roma-Pisa 2005) and the philosophical Introduction to Giulio Cesare Vanini, Tutte le opere, Bompiani 2010, edited with Mario Carparelli. He has widely explored the Renaissance and Early Seventeenth Century philosophical literature and published in Italian and foreign reviews several papers on Cardano, Corsano, Descartes, the De tribus impostoribus, Mersenne, Marino, Nowicki, Pomponazzi, Scaligero, Vico, Zabarella, the English Calculators and the Apologetics of Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Century. His most recent translation are: Nifo, De immortalitate animae (Torino 2009) and Cardano, De morte (Torino 2010), in collaboration with José Manuel García Valverde.

    Email: frapraimondi@libero.it


  • Luciano Canova.


  • Diego Fusaro.


  • Andrea Sangiacomo, PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Macerata, graduated at the  San Raffaele University in Milan (IT). His research interests focus on ethics, logic, epistemology and ontology in XVII-XVIII century (specifically Bruno, Hobbes, Descartes, Arnauld, Spinoza, Leibniz and Vico). His PhD research is focussed on the iuuse of the body in Spinoza and the physical-medical thinking of XVII century. He has published an edition with Italian translation and original texts (from the Gebhardt ed. revisited) of the completes works of Spinoza (B. Spinoza, Tutte le opere, Bompiani, Milano, 2010) and some papers and journal article on differents aspects of Spinozian thought. He devoted much of his graduate studies also to the problem of mythical language and the concept of poetic logic in Vico.

    Email: andrea.sangiacomo@libero.it
    Facebook: “Baruch Spinoza: Tutte le Opere” (discussion group)